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Episode #52 - Kazaam

August 31st, 2013

In an unreleased episode from the archives, we take a look at the Shaq classic "Kazaam". Shaq plays a genie who is released from his boombox by Max, a young boy who's desperate to find and start a relationship with his jerk father. After stealing a million dollar Da Brat cassette tape from his dad in order to look cool in front of some bullies, Max finds himself in a pickle that only Kazaam's magic can get him out of, if only he can get Kazaam to care about anything else besides his hip hop career for ten freaking minutes. Grab your magic boomboxes, reconnect with your sleezeball father, and join us as we rap battle "Kazaam"!

Episode #51 - Johnny Mnemonic

August 21st, 2013

Keanu Reeves gives the worst performance this side of Ellie Cornell in our latest film, 1995's Johnny Mnemonic. Reeves plays a robot playing a human in the distant future of 2021, where the internet is omnipresent but for some reason information is passed along through the use of human couriers with hard drives implanted in their brains, known as Mnemonics. When the cure for St. Vitus Dance is stored in his brain-drive, he must protect it against the evil(?) bad guys who want it for themselves, and get it out of his head before it kills him. This film is worth a watch just to see Keanu get out-acted by Ice-T and an anamatronic dolphin. Grab your Eye-Phones, remember your passcodes, and join us as we drop a flaming car on Johnny Mnemonic!

Episode #50 - 50th Extravaganza!

August 14th, 2013

This week we take a break from reviewing terrible movies so we can reminisce on all the torture we've endured over the last 50 episodes! Join us as we discuss our favorite bad movies, our favorite lines, our favorite characters, scenes, moments, and much more. We also discuss Andy's new favorite show, "The Mental List", which we can only hope is produced by M. Night Shyamalan. Thanks for your support over the last 50 episodes. We hope you'll keep coming back for more!

Episode #49 - A Good Day to Die Hard

August 7th, 2013

In Cold Light of Day Bruce Willis played a man who is secretly a CIA agent and has a rocky relationship with his son. In A Good Day to Die Hard Bruce Willis plays a man who has a rocky relationship with his son, who is secretly a CIA agent. Variety! John McClane takes a vacation from throwing terrorists off of buildings to visit his son in Russia, where he has been imprisoned for murdering a man. When it is revealed that McClane Jr. is CIA and has carefully orchestrated the entire scenario in order to get his hands on some important Russian secrets, McClane Sr. takes it upon himself to yippie kay yay his way into the government's business, jeopardizing the entire mission and his son's life in the process... mostly because he's bored. The mystery of what happened to co-host Andy's childhood hamster is much more compelling than the plot of this film. Grab your "Russian for Dummies" books, put on your radiation suits, and join us as we give A Good Day to Die Hard a deadly massage!


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