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Episode #96 - A Sound of Thunder

October 31st, 2014

This week, Ed Burns sneaks back into our lives with a bag of fertilizer. That fertilizer, of course, is A Sound of Thunder! Burns plays Travis Ryer, a scientist that pilots time travel safaris for the bored and wealthy who want to experience the thrill of hunting a real life dinosaur. When something goes awry on one of these hunts, a butterfly effect is put into action, rendering the present unrecognizable. Burns and his crew must fend off monkey-dinosaurs and subway serpents while they try to figure out a way to go back in time one last time and fix what they've broken. The director of this film clearly had it out for the great Ray Bradbury. Grab your fertilizer, load up on ice bullets, and join us as we go back in time and erase A Sound of Thunder from our memories!

Episode #95 - Fear No Evil

October 16th, 2014

Our second "Horror-able Halloween" movie of the year is 1981's Fear No Evil! I had a team of scientists, theologists, and satanists study and break down the plot for me, and they tell me that the movie revolves around Andrew Williams, who is as normal a high school student as they come... studious, awkward, the living incarnate of the fallen angel Lucifer, and a killer dodgeball player. While Andrew is battling with his hormones and ambiguous sexuality, two arch angels prepare to destroy the devil inside him once and for all. Also, some guy hits his girlfriend a lot and a priest puts on a play. Hey, sometimes it's tough to fill 90 minutes. Grab your birthday cakes, stay out of the crazy gym teacher's way, and join us as we enjoy the beautiful scenery of Boldt Castle with Fear No Evil!

Episode #94 - Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

October 2nd, 2014

Before he went to space... before he went to Hell... before he fought Freddy Krueger to the death... before he built an elaborate and well-lit labyrinth of underground tunnels... Jason Voorhees took on 1980's era New York City! When Crystal Lake's graduating class takes a boat trip to the Big Apple, maniacal serial killer and hockey mask enthusiast Jason Voorhees develops a major case of the FOMOs and decides to tag along. After killing most of the passengers and sinking the ship, Jason follows the survivors' life boat to New York, where he ignores the millions of potential victims literally walking by him on the street in order to satisfy some bizarre and unknown vendetta against a handful of Crystal Lake high school students and their crabby teacher. Grab a speargun, drop your anchor, and join us as we drown Jason Takes Manhattan in toxic waste!


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