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Episode #59 - Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2

October 25th, 2013

In our final f@#king episode of this year's "Horror-able f@#king Halloween" series, we review Rob f@#king Zombie's Halloween 2. In the sequel to his 2007 crime against humanity, Zombie takes us back to the white trash version of Haddonfield, where Laurie Strode is trying to cope with the events of Halloween night by yelling at everyone and everything she sees, including her best friend Annie, a book, her steering wheel, and Margot Kidder. Meanwhile, after wandering around maskless in the woods for two years, Michael Myers eventually makes it back to his hometown to finish what he started... pooping on John Carpenter's legacy. Spoiler alert: The first half hour of this podcast is a dream. Grab your horse statues, take out the garbage, and join us as we get all white trashy with Rob Zombie's Halloween 2!

Episode #58 - Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

October 17th, 2013

In our third "Horror-able Halloween" review, we take on Tom Atkins an Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. Atkins plays Dr. Challis, a creepy old man who abandons his kids to go on a quest with an attractive 20 year old who he just met. After her father is murdered, Ellie Grimbridge teams up with Challis to track down her father's killers to Santa Mira, California, where an Irish toy maker named Cochran is manufacturing popular Halloween masks. Challis quickly discovers that Cochran isn't what he seems, and neither are his masks. Can Challis and Ellie stop Cochran before he performs a mass sacrifice? How did Cochran get stonehenge into the country? Where the hell is Michael Myers? Grab your Silver Shamrock masks, tune in for the big giveaway at 9, and join us as we melt Halloween 3's face into a pile of snakes and cockroaches!

Episode #57 - Spookies

October 10th, 2013

Spookies is a special kind of movie. Shot on a low budget, the original cut was so horrid that the producers fired the directors (plural) and brought in someone else to direct a completely other movie that they could cram into their existing film. The resulting mess is so poorly stitched together that it's plot becomes completely incoherent. When a group of youths and their middle-aged friend go on a search for a good party spot, they end up at a creepy old mansion, where an old man lives in the attic with his comatose bride and their abominable offspring. The group comes looking for a party, but what they find is much less fun. This movie should have won an award for Most Poorly Written Comic Relief Character. Grab your planchettes, put on your hand pupperts, and JOIN US as we feed Spookies to a mysterious Asian spider-lady!

Episode #56 - Sleepaway Camp II

October 3rd, 2013

In our first review in our "Horror-able Halloween" series we tackle Sleepaway Camp II. Pamela Springsteen plays homicidal camp counselor Angela in this schlocky horror sequel. After undergoing a sex change operation, former murderous summer camper Angela can't keep herself from "sending" bad kids "home", much to the chagrin of her bosses, General Gogol and TC Mullet. Watch as Angela knocks off the world's oldest campers one by one. Grab your chainsaws, put on your arts and crafts Freddy Krueger gloves, and joins us as we make Sleepaway Camp II dookie in its pants!!


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